Quick Answer: Can I Postpone An Afterpay Payment?

Can you delay an Afterpay payment?

Extend the term of your payment arrangement so you can make smaller payments over a longer period; Postpone any payments due for a certain period of time; and/or.

If applicable, we’ll waive late fees.

What happens if you can’t make an Afterpay payment?

Afterpay allows you to pay for your purchase over 4 instalments due every 2 weeks. If a payment is not processed on or before the due date, late fees will apply – initial $10 late fee, and a further $7 if the payment remains unpaid 7 days after the due date.

Can I pay my bills with Afterpay?

Yes, you can. Log into My AfterPay and select the invoices you want to pay in instalments.

How do I extend my Afterpay payment?

Log into My AfterPay with the email address you used when you made your purchases, or log in using your Mobile BankID. Select the invoice you wish to change, select ‘account’ or ‘instalments’, and click ‘Save’. A new invoice with the new sum owing – and a new due date – will be sent to your home address.

Can I use PayPal for Afterpay?

Afterpay is offered as a payment method in the checkout section of some online stores. To see which stores, you can check out our article about which stores offer Afterpay. Select Afterpay instead of paying with your credit card or using PayPal and then when you go to pay, you’ll be redirected to the Afterpay site.

Can I cancel my Afterpay account?

Of course you can close your account and we really wish you the best. We do need to make sure you have paid all your outstanding instalments first. Then click on the envelope below to send a quick message and let us know you wish to close your account.

How do I remove my card details from Afterpay?

Click – Add Payment Method OR Remove Card (Please note that you won’t be able to remove the preferred card on your account or a card that has associated orders) so if you are trying to remove your current ‘preferred card’ change this first as well as updating your orders then you will be able to remove the card.

How long does an Afterpay refund take?

If you have paid all your installments, you will receive a refund back to the card linked to your AfterPay account. You will get a notification from AfterPay to confirm the refund was processed. Be aware that refunds to your financial institurion can take up to 7 business days.