Quick Answer: How Does BitPay Work?

How does BitPay card work?

Understanding BitPay Card

It is powered by the Visa network, which allows it to be used at any Point of Sale (PoS) that accepts Visa debit cards.

It also allows card holders to withdraw cash at any Visa-compatible ATM.

BitPay works as a reloadable prepaid debit card and not as a credit card.

Is BitPay safe?

BitPay platform is safe and secure, but there are usually problems like customer support. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

How do I get a BitPay wallet?

To create a wallet within a new installation of the BitPay App:

  • Open the BitPay App.
  • Click Get Started.
  • Enable the currencies (BTC, etc.) you want to create wallets for.
  • Scroll down and click CREATE.
  • When prompted to protect the wallet with a password, choose the desired option.

How do I put money on my BitPay card?

To add funds to your BitPay Card balance with cryptocurrency, login to your cardholder account, select the Add Funds option. You will be prompted to enter a dollar amount and then presented with a BitPay invoice.

Can I use my BitPay card at an ATM?

Which ATMs accept the BitPay Card? You can use your BitPay Prepaid Visa® card at any of the thousands of ATMs worldwide that support Visa® withdrawals.

Is BitPay free?

The Network Cost fee is the only fee BitPay charges to people who pay BitPay invoices. BitPay charges a 1% processing fee to BitPay merchants. Merchants may choose to pass this fee on to the buyer.

Where can I use my BitPay card?

You can use your BitPay Prepaid Visa® Card at almost any online or brick and mortar merchant that accepts Visa® debit or credit cards.

How much is BitPay card?

The Bitpay Visa Debit Card

The card cost me $9.99, and you have to pay for the product in bitcoin.