Question: Is It Necessary To Close Dormant Account?

Can I close my dormant account?

Account closing process

In case your account is a dormant one, then you will have to first activate it to close it and submit the closure form.


The bank would ask you to surrender your debit card and unused cheque leaves, if any along with a duly signed letter or an application for closure of the account.

Can dormant account receive money?

You can receive money in a dormant bank account. However to withdraw the money from the account the customer has to submit fresh KYC papers alongwith a request to convert the account to operative status, If the branch is satisfied, it will change the status of the account to operative.

How long can a bank account be dormant?

If you don’t use your account for a long period of time the bank or building society may declare it dormant, but the length of time before this happens will vary between institutions. It could be as little as 12 months for a current account, three years for a savings account, or in some cases up to 15 years.

What happens to a dormant account?

What Happens to Dormant Accounts? When an account officially becomes dormant, the bank doesn’t get to keep it. A final warning is usually issued one month before the account is turned over to the state. If no response is received, the funds are taken.

Can bank charge for dormant account?

Some banks and credit unions also charge dormancy fees for checking and savings accounts. If you don’t deposit or withdraw money for a certain period of time, you may incur the fee every month that you don’t use the account. However, some banks may reimburse the fee.

What is a dormant account fee?

A dormancy fee was a penalty charged by a credit card issuer to a cardholder’s account for not using the card for a certain period of time. Dormancy fees, also called inactivity fees, are no longer allowed in the United States under the Credit CARD Act of 2009.

Can I close my Bank of America account online?

You can also close your checking or savings account by sending a letter to Bank of America, FL1-300-01-29, P.O. Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622-5118. The letter should be signed by everyone whose name is on the account. No matter how you choose to close your account, be prepared for a sales pitch on why you should stay.

How long does it take for Bank of America to close your account?

If your bank account falls into the category where fees are waived if you maintain certain monthly balance and you do left that specific amount of funds behind then the account will be considered to be dormant after a period of 3 to 5 years where there was not any activity or transaction initiated by you.